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Side Hustles for Women

Start Earning A Second Income 2021 edition

Not returning to work after maternity leave

Whether you have decided to take a career break, completely change careers or make some money on the side while we go in and out of lockdowns, there has never been more opportunities than now to make money through your phone or laptop from the comfort of your home!

Ideas for stay at home moms to make money

In an age of influencers and bloggers people are looking for tangible ways to make money. Away from the airbrushed perfection of the vloggers, bloggers and influencers, selling is an age-old way to make a living, and the good news is you can do it all without the traditional face to face hard sell, and selling is also one of best work from home jobs without a degree!

Real Ways to make money from home

Some research says that E commerce grew by 46% in 2020 ($386.1 Billion by Amazon alone!), and that shopping and working habits will have changed forever, this means it is the perfect time to capitalize on this every growing market. People are programmed to buy, and you will never run out of things to sell them!

There are several ways to sell from home and you can sell things you don’t even own!

·      Sell your own products - like the small businesses on Etsy or ‘Not On The High Street’ (to name a few) if you have a product to sell that’s great, but this isn’t for everyone, especially if you want to get started quickly!


·      Reselling discounted products for a profit, also none Arbitrage, if you have a keen nose for a bargain then this could be for you, finding discount/clearance products in everyday shops and reselling them online for a profit, a lot of money is made on Amazon this way! BUT you do need a bit of money to start this up and you need to have the time to be able to package and send these off to their buyer.


·      Selling products which aren’t yours - also known as affiliate marketing, this could be a range of products from physical products like dog treats, to training courses or e books. The major upside to this is there is no need to buy anything first and you can start straight away selling from your phone, tablet or laptop!

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What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate (YOU!) earns a commission for selling the product or service of a person or company.

To make money online as an affiliate, you simply search for a product/service, agree the affiliate terms with the company, then promote that product and earn a percentage of the ticket price from each sale they make. The companies you wish to promote will often have clear policies on affiliate schemes via their website.

You can promote via social media channels, paid advertising, email lists etc etc.

Selling products/services, you have used and are passionate about is a great way to start, as you can review these and give your honest opinion on them.

Sell Products without inventory

This is a major upside to affiliate marketing, you don’t need to house any products and then worry about sending them off once they are sold, you simply sell the product and the sale goes through to the seller for them to sort. It also means you aren’t spending money upfront on products which you may be unable to sell.

Low Investment high profit business

As you are having to buy anything before you sell it means your margin for profit is higher, with some affiliate marketers making $10,000 per day after refining their skills, it’s clear to see why people leave their jobs for this online career.

Make money while you sleep

People are constantly shopping, it’s easier than ever, while you are asleep someone else in the world will be awake and no doubt scrolling through their phone, imagine waking up to find you have made money while you were sleeping! And once you have successfully sold one product it’s just a rinse and repeat situation for the next and so on.

Work from anywhere

The beauty of working online is that you can work anywhere at any time if you have a screen and WIFI, fancy going on holiday (when we can finally travel again!)? You could work form your hotel pool! Fancy going skiing, work from the comfort of your ski lodge! It really is the polar opposite to the 9-5 office mentality that has ruled for so long!

Affiliate Education programs

Getting started is easy, but sometimes we all need a little help with the techy side of things, or even help knowing the jargon.

Getting some education around something new is always a great idea, why make the mistakes when someone else has already made them and is willing to show you the easiest or quickest path to success! Affiliate training programs are a great way forward, access free training on strategies to make money online below.

'Must Do' online training for beginners

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Big Ticket Affiliate             Funnels/ Affiliate Marketing    Barry Plaskow

Rethink Social media        Social media                          Paul O’Mahoney

Internet income system    Online business                    Simon Coulson

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